Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winter White Weddings

      Winter seems to be the underdog season for weddings. Spring, summer and fall get all the glory due to comfortable temperatures and beautiful foliage. However, winter should not be disregarded for nuptials and is perfect for the unconventional couple.When planning a winter wedding you will not be plagued with the worry of surprise downpours or blustery breezes. With winter's wrath in mind, a comfortable location is paramount along with a focus on creating warm ambiance. Furthermore,a winter bride can adorn herself with some extra statement pieces, letting her individual style show through as she wards off the elements.
The creation of an amazing winter wonderland.Look at all the brilliant details!
Dazzling place cards and delectable signature drinks.
An elegant table.
Add a little faux fur to stay warm.
The lighting and faux fur draped over the chairs create a brilliant, inviting setting. 
 We love the exaggerated bow on this wrap.
                                                         The cotton bouquet looks like snow.

So gorgeous! Of course it helps that the bride is stunning.
Icy and lovely place cards.
Sweet winter treats for your guests.
Brilliant dress! Imagine how it sparkles in the candlelight. 
An ice hotel may be unconventional, but still incredible. 
An easy do-it-yourself project with amazing results.
The addition of frosted pine cones makes a rustic,yet elegant, winter bouquet. 
Of course, classic Hunter boots in metallic silver are the perfect footwear for a snowy wedding day. The benefit of these is that you can wear them again & again.
So what do you think of winter weddings?





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