Sunday, December 23, 2012

Color Focus: Emerald Green

 By now we are certain you have heard that Pantone named emerald green the color of the year for 2013. We are more than a little excited about it here at ravens • fête. In fact, one of us (which one is not important) had a mad color fetish for emerald green in the early '90s making it her mission to wear emerald green for her entire junior year. Although she didn't quite succeed in this plan, she did acquire some great emerald green items: an emerald velvet vintage blazer, a pair of thigh-high suede emerald green boots, and a slightly garish emerald ring.
  We are going to take a moment to focus on this peaceful, yet glamorous, hue. Green is a symbol of fertility, nature, health and good fortune. Infusing emerald green into your life adds a bit of calm and brilliance.
This dress paired with a leather jacket is both elegant and edgy.
We adore this emerald crinoline skirt.
A beautiful tribute to emerald from Burnett's Boards.
Love a room done in green & black.
Incredible emerald dress.
Emerald Palmer
Flattering bridesmaids dress.
Emerald edible butterflies.
Cake with eye-catching chevron design.
Emerald wedding shoes.
Glitter emerald green cupcake wrapper.
Add a little dose of color to your dress with this emerald sash.
Look at all the joy emerald can bring.
Just because.
We hope you enjoyed.
Have a brilliant day!



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